Kom och lyssna på ett teknikseminarium om 5G. 24 januari kl 11.30 på Creactive i Mjärdevi. Kostnadsfritt, lunch ingår. Anmälan: http://bit.ly/2j28bfI

To achieve the dream of 5G communication systems, two areas are being focused the most; namely, massive MIMO to achieve extreme data rates concurrent multi-band transceivers to achieve not only higher data rate but to have reduced size (i.e., cover multiple 3GPP bands by the utilization of a commonhardware unit) and to be green i.e., environmentally friendly.

This advancement in radio design brings in several challenges e.g., hardware impairments which are by-products of several active and passive microwave components e.g., RF power amplifiers (PAs).

In this talk, aspects related to digital compensation techniques for impairments in RF MIMO and concurrent multi-band PAs will be presented. Several research publications have been made where state-of-the-art digital algorithms for compensating nonlinear distortions are proposed. These digital algorithms not only fulfill the tougher regulatory requirements but are computationally inexpensive resulting in lower power consumption and contributing towards green society.
Shoaib Amin, Ph.D.
Senior RF and signal processing engineer
Cell +46 73 661 9001
Seminariet hålls på engelska. Vi bjuder på lunch. Välkommen!